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JS by Tucker Lake, 1993.

Matlab Downloads (Ring Theory)

1999 Classroom Notes, (with contribution by J.R. Stallings):
Bedrosian's Formula (Fibonacci). .ps version .pdf version

2000 Summer Notes:
Groups of order "pq" and "p^2" from scratch. .ps version .pdf version

Cycles and Spanning Trees .ps version .pdf version

Some ideas on how to write math from Serre and Goss.
Text version
.dvi version

Poetry: Two Haiku

"Sjogren's Theorem" explained by Sjogren

Under Construction 2002

Is Evolutionary Darwinism more Scientific than "Intelligent Design"?

Letter to the Editor

(Word Document)

The Ultimate Proof of Cayley-Hamilton Theorem, in High-School format Proof